Podróżowanie i turystyka - Zdania z lukami

Uzupełnij zdania brakującymi wyrazami.

1. When you travel by plane, your can’t be too heavy because you have to pay extra money if it is.
2. Travelling to Germany from my small town is not easy, I have to trains three times to get there.
3. The best part of flying for me is when a plane , you know when the wheels touch the ground. Sometimes I even clap with other passengers because I am so excited.
4. I would like to travel from Poznan to Warsaw and come back to Poznan so I have to buy a ticket.
5. My sister once said she would like to visit all the countries in the world and so she did. Last year she published a book: “My journey the world”.
6. After they boarded the plane they had to look at the flight when she was giving safety instructions.
7. I wanted to know which the train leaves from so I looked at the timetable.
8. My parents went on a around the Greek islands. They will spend 7 days on the boat.
9. Every time my grandparents travel abroad they buy something at the - free shop for me because they say it’s cheaper there.
10. - Where do people go when they want to buy all-inclusive holidays in Maldives? - agency.
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