Tłumaczenie fragmentów zdań - Zakupy i usługi

Przetłumacz części zdań na język angielski.

1. I got a 20% (zniżka) on those shoes so they weren’t so expensive in the end.
2. Can I pay (gotówką) or do I have to pay by credit card?
3. (Ile kosztuje) is this sweater? I would like to try it on.
4. A lot of clients of this shop were (niezadowoleni) so the owner had to make some changes to attract them back.
5. What is the best (reklama) that you’ve ever seen? Some of them are hilarious, aren’t they?
6. The watch I bought doesn’t work so I will have to take it back to the shop and ask them to (naprawić) it.
7. If you want to return something you need a (paragon) . Without it, they can say no.
8. Excuse me, I would like to make (reklamację) . I would like to speak to the manager.
9. This lovely house over there is (na sprzedaż) , what do you think, should we buy it?
10. Fruit and vegetables in this stall are always (świeże) and quite cheap as well.

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