Przymiotnik czy przysłówek? - popraw błędy

Przeczytaj zdania i popraw błędy. Przepisz zdania bez błędów. Jeśli zdanie jest bez błędów, przepisz zdanie.

1. He sang this song so good. .
2. Even though I studied so hardly I failed the exam. .
3. What is your usual morning routine? What do you do? What do you do?
4. This dress is similarly to mine. .
5. I could hardly believe that it happened. .
6. My mum is an extreme careful driver. She usually drive 50km/h. . She usually drive 50km/h.
7. My parents were in totally shock when they heard I won the contest. .
8. I was driving so fast that I nearly lost control of the steering wheel. .
9. I loved her performance. She was a perfectly singer! I loved her performance. !
10. Is she secret in love with you? ?