Znajomość środków językowych - Tekst z lukami - Wybór wielokrotny (Wiosenny Mini Arkusz Egzaminacyjny)

Zapoznaj się z treścią zadania, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź wpisując A, B lub C do luki.

People usually feel better in spring because the weather starts to get 1. and the days get longer. When it's cold and dark during winter, people tend to stay indoors more, which can make them feel sad or lonely. However, 2. spring arrives, people spend more time outside in the sun. This makes them feel happier and more energised. Spring is also a time when flowers and trees start to 3. . It can be beautiful and uplifting to see. Overall, spring is a time of renewal and growth. Thanks to that, people feel more optimistic.

1. A. warming B. warmer C. warmest
2. A. when B. while C. during
3. A. blooms B. blooming C. bloom
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