Rozumienie tekstów pisanych - Tekst z lukami - Fat Thursday

Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery zdania. Wpisz w każdą lukę (1-3) literę, którą oznaczono brakujące zdanie (A-D), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. Uwaga! Jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

It was Fat Thursday, and John, a fourteen-year-old boy, was on a mission to find some delicious doughnuts. He had heard that a new bakery had opened in town. 1 He walked around, searching for the shop, but he couldn't find it. Then, he ran into his school friend Tom, who was carrying a box of doughnuts. Tom invited John over to his house for some doughnuts, and John happily agreed. 2 When they arrived at Tom's house, they opened the box and could smell the aroma of freshly baked doughnuts. They enjoyed the tasty treats, laughing and having a great time. However, John was still curious where the new bakery was. Tom suggested that they could still try and find the bakery so they went on a little adventure together. 3 However, they had a fun Fat Thursday and were happy they could enjoy some delicious doughnuts together.

A. They walked to Tom's house and chatted along the way.
B. On their way back to the bakery, they got lost.
C. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember the way.
D. In the end, they didn't find the bakery, but they didn't mind.

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