Stopniowanie przysłówków - stopień najwyższy

Uzupełnij luki podając stopień najwyższy podanych w nawiasach przysłówków.

1. Joanna lives (near) to school but she is always late.
2. This woman sang (beautifully) of all the competitors.
3. These days, my mum (often) buys everything online because it's much cheaper.
4. I work (carefully) when I am on my own.
5. Mrs Jenkins can contact me (easy) by email.
6. My dad speaks (loud) in my family.
7. Paul finished the race (fast) of all.
8. In the test, Chloe did (bad) of all the students. She only got 25%.
9. Who jumps (high) in your class?
10. Which team played (good) yesterday? © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone