Stopniowanie przysłówków - stopień wyższy

Uzupełnij luki podając stopień wyższy podanych w nawiasach przysłówków.

1. Tom will travel (far) than last time.
2. George works (fast) than Bob.
3. Is there anyone who plays volleyball (bad) than this man?
4. Our guests arrived (late) than we expected.
5. Could you speak (slowly) than before, please?
6. Nowadays, Damian is tired far (often) than he used to be.
7. My students work (hard) this semester so they have better grades.
8. Wendy finished the exam (quickly) than other students.
9. Remeber to check your work a little (carefully) this time.
10. My brother speaks French (good) than me. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone