Tłumaczenie fragmentów zdań - Życie prywatne

Przetłumacz wyrażenia na j. angielski.

1. Do you often (kłócisz się) with your younger sister?
2. My best friend told everyone about my secret! I (nienawidzę) her for that!
3. It took me and my boyfriend a week to finally (pogodzić się) after the argument we had.
4. Nowadays more and more teenagers decide to (uciec) from home. They don’t realize that this will not solve their problems at all. Actually, it will make it even worse!
5. (Przyjaźń) is the special bond that you have with the closest people who you can trust and share your happy and sad moments with.
6. Mum, tell me, is it difficult to (wychowywać) children?
7. We never liked each other very much and we argued a lot. But now we (jesteśmy w dobrych relacjach) well with each other and we’ve become best friends.
8. My grandmother (opiekowała się) of us when we were children. It was the best time of my life. I love my grandma so much!
9. – Are Jane and Mark still together? - No I think they (rozstali się) a few days ago, actually. I think they were not made for each other.
10. –Dad, I’m off to the party! See you! - Bye bye Jake, (baw się dobrze) .
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