Zakupy i usługi - Wyrażenia związane z pieniędzmi (HARD)

Uzupełnij luki wpisując do każdej z nich jeden wyraz (pełna forma). Dla ułatwienia pierwsza litera została podana.

1. There's no on the tag of this blouse and I can't see a shop assistant who could check it. (P)
2. Do you get money for your own expenses from your parents? (P)
3. I've bought so many things that I was hoping for a , but I didn't get any. for such great shopping, but I had to pay the full amount. (D)
4. It is said that throwing a into a fountain brings good luck, but I think it's only a superstition. (C)
5. Anna bought a really nice dress on , she paid ?10 instead of ?40. (S)
6. What is used in Switzerland and what's the exchange rate? (C)
7. I don't know anyone who keeps a lot of in their wallet these days. Most people pay by credit card. (C)
8. If you have a damaged ? dirty or torn ? you can exchange it for a new one in a bank. (N)
9. Here's ?50, please keep the . (C)
10. Would you like to pay cash or by card? (C) © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone