Nauka i technika - Wynalazki (2) (HARD)

Uzupełnij zdania wpisując jeden wyraz do każdej luki. Pierwsza litera została podana na końcu każdego zdania.

1. First were very simple. They didn't have e.g. automatic gearbox, air conditioning, or various sensors facilitating driving. (C)
2. I can't focus with a playing so loudly in the background. Turn the volume down, please. (R)
3. We once forgot to pay the bill and had cut off. It was rather annoying when we couldn't use any device or even turn the light on. (E)
4. Do you think a lie test is a reliable way to check if somebody is telling the truth? (D)
5. If you don't want to eat dinner now, you will have to reheat it in a later. (M)
6. Do you think anyone still uses a ? You can't correct or delete anything, but have to start from the beginning. What a waste of paper! (T)
7. A is much more comfortable than a desktop computer because you can take it wherever you want and all you need is a charger. (L)
8. Blood samples have to be tested under a because its elements are invisible with a naked eye. (M)
9. I think technology is developing so quickly that it's possible that will soon replace people in some jobs. (R)
10. The old building is going to be destroyed using under controlled conditions so that nobody is injured in the explosion. (D) © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone