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Hey Cliff,
What’s up? I’m sorry I haven’t written for some time. I have been very busy helping people whose houses were EDDAAMG 1. by an EARUTHAKQE 2. that we experienced last week. The earth HOSOK 3. for about 1 minute. Don’t worry I am OK. There have also been other TRNAALU DERSASIST 4. in the area recently, there was an CHAANVALE 5. in the neighboring town. Fortunately, there were no CMSVITI 6. . Apart from me there are also other EERUNVOLTS 7. willing to help. I can’t remember such tragedies happening a few years back. I guess the IATECLM GCHEAN 8. is now really visible in the world.
And how are you doing? Everything OK?
Take care,
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