Rozumienie tekstów pisanych - Wybór wielokrotny (13)

Zapoznaj się z treścią zadania, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź wpisując A, B lub C do luki.

My aunt and I have been planning a trip do Dubai for months now. We have chosen a luxurious hotel and we have researched all the places we'd like to visit during our short stay there. I've never been there before so my excitement levels were very high! Until yesterday... My aunt found out that she is pregnant. Obviously, she is over the moon and I'm also very happy for her! However, her doctor told her that she shouldn't travel by plane, which means that we can't go to Dubai. So I'm also a little disappointed that the trip of my dreams has to be postponed...

Which is true about the speaker's aunt?
A. She's going to have a baby.
B. She's scared of flying.
C. She's never been to Dubai before.

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