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Hi there!

Thanks for checking back! Today I’d like to tell you about my recent (TVISI) to the Aquadom & Sea Life in Berlin. I went there with my class. Aquadom is the biggest (UAUAQIMR) in the world, did you know that? It’s 25 metres high! You get inside in a transparent lift. It feels like diving into the (NOECA) ! Awesome! We admired beautiful fish of various (ESIZS) and colours. There are 50 different (PSECISE) of fish in the aquarium - some of them are (AENDNRDGEE) . I liked pink and purple jellyfish and seahorses with their curled (LTAIS) a lot! Seeing them so close was amazing. I took a lot of (OPHTSO) - check them out below!

Have you ever been to an aquarium or oceanarium before? Leave a comment!
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