Transformacje ze słowem kluczem - Rozgrzewka językowa (9) - Speculations (must, might, may, can't)

Uzupełnij luki, np. I'm sure Mary is there. - Mary must be there.

1. I'm sure my parents are angry. - My parents angry.
2. I'm not sure but maybe the weather will be nice. - The weather nice.
3. I'm sure Briand isn't at school now. - Brian at school now.
4. We're sure that our teacher likes his job. - Our teacher his job.
5. I'm sure my uncle isn't the winner. - My uncle the winner.
6. We're not sure but maybe Janice doesn't know the truth. - Janice the truth.
7. We're sure Tommy is the new manager. - Tommy the new manager. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone