Człowiek - Cechy charakteru (6)

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1. You're so ! Try to see the brighter side of things every once in a while.
2. Jenny is about the future, and her positive outlook is contagious.
3. Brian is usually quite ; you can count on him to get the job done.
4. Claire is very , so it's important to choose words carefully around her.
5. June is the most student in the class; her decisions are always well thought out.
6. My boyfriend is so ; he needs to learn to trust me more.
7. My mother is quite , always willing to consider different perspectives.
8. Jean should try not to be so ; being more accepting of others would improve her relationships.
9. At times, Fiona can be really , making it difficult to have a pleasant conversation with her.
10. Mark is extremely ; he can start a conversation with anyone in the room. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone