Czasowniki frazowe z OUT

Czasowniki frazowe z

1. They have to out a plan of how to cooperate in a group or otherwise they'll fail.
2. this out! This iPhone has some amazing apps to use!
3. I can't out this experiment unless you help me. What do you say?
4. Do you think it was possible to out of Alcatraz prison?
5. It's not so easy to out what this game is all about but you'll manage.
6. We've out of petrol so our car stopped in the middle of the forest and we had to walk to the nearest petrol station.
7. Do you want to out with me on a date? Say, on Saturday night?
8. When he's dressed like that he can surely out from the crowd.
9. I expected the driving test to be extremely difficult. However, it didn’t out to be like that at all. It was actually easy.
10. When did the WWII out? Was it in 1939?