Tekst z lukami "I will never go cycling again"

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„I will never go cycling again…”

Last week I felt really terrible. I had a fever, a headache and 1. problems. I also had a 2. on my skin. My mum wanted to call 112 and say that I needed an 3. , she thought I was seriously ill. But I said it wasn’t that bad and we went to the 4. by car. The doctor 5. me, took my blood 6. , asked me to breathe in and out and of course I had to describe the 7. in detail. In the end it turned out that it was all because of a mosquito. It bit me when I was on a bike trip and apparently I developed an 8. reaction. The doctor told me to stay at home and rest, drink plenty of water and he 9. some medicine. Also, before I left the hospital I was given an 10. which nearly made me cry… I will never go cycling again!