Nauka i technika - Materiały i substancje (EASY)

Wybierz poprawne uzupełnienie luk.

1. Agatha buys only products made of - shoes, jackets, bags, etc.
2. It's useful to recycle because you can make a lot of things from it, eg. new packages or even clothes or furniture.
3. Jenny's cat loves playing with a ball of when she knits.
4. If there was no , there would probably be no railway tracks, bridges, or vehicles.
5. Don't leave any exposed to the sun for a long time because it may cause a fire.
6. Most houses and walls are made of as it's one of the toughest materials.
7. Grace prefers clothes because they are comfortable, soft, and easy to wash.
8. I always wrap presents in a colourful , even for my adult friends.
9. Don't touch it with your hands, you'd better put on gloves first.
10. My friend uses to draw black and white portraits ? they are amazing. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone