Człowiek - Uczucia i emocje (2) (EASY)

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1. I told my best friend a secret but she told everyone in my class! I really trusted her, now I feel I’ve lost my only friend. I am really in her.
2. Anna is very sad, she cries all the time, she doesn’t want to go out of her room, she doesn’t feel like meeting her friends. Also, she doesn’t eat much. Anna might be .
3. I would like to have everything that she has. I’m .
4. I think about my problems all the time and I try to analyze every detail. I am .
5. She can’t wait to go on holidays with her parents next week. This year they are flying to Majorca, they are staying in a luxurious hotel with swimming pools and lots of other attractions. She is .
6. My final exams start in half an hour. Now I think I haven’t studied enough. I really hope I do well and pass with flying colours. I am .
7. He is sitting under a palm tree with a book in one hand and a cold drink in the other. The sun is shining and he doesn’t have to do a thing today. He feels .
8. Ever since the school year finished nobody has talked to me or visited me. Also, my parents have been away and I’m all alone in the house. I feel .
9. My parents found out that I passed my exams with the best grades in the whole school. They are .
10. I got a puppy as a surprise gift for my birthday! I have always wanted one! I’m so . © 2022 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone