Transformacje ze słowem kluczem (11)

Użyj słowa klucza podanego w nawiasie aby wyrazić to samo co w zdaniu głównym.

1. The athlete managed to break the world record. (SUCCEEDED)
The athlete the world record.
2. I haven’t seen my grandma for years. (SINCE)
It’s years my grandma.
3. The post office was nearly empty. (HARDLY)
There in the post office.
4. “It was you who broke the mirror!”, said my best friend. (OF)
My best friend the mirror.
5. I will call the police if you don’t go away. (UNLESS)
I will call the police .
6. Please don’t smoke in my bedroom. (RATHER)
I in my bedroom.
7. I am sure it will rain tomorrow. (BOUND)
It tomorrow.
8. Is it OK if I ask you to open the window? (MIND)
the window?
9. It is already midnight, let’s go home. (TIME)
It’s home.
10. I didn’t forget to do my homework. (REMEMBERED)
I my homework.