Transformacje ze słowem kluczem (9)

Użyj słowa klucza podanego w nawiasie aby wyrazić to samo co w zdaniu głównym.

1. I’m sure that my parents were not home when I came back. (BEEN)
My parents when I came back.
2. Where will the inauguration be held? (PLACE)
Where ?
3. I hired someone to wash my car last week. (HAD)
I last week.
4. The train will leave any time now. (ABOUT)
The train .
5. Was there anyone in your life who disappointed you? (LET)
Was there ?
6. The workers are cleaning the office. (IS)
The office by the workers.
7. Do you know who this car belongs to? (WHOSE)
Do you know ?
8. Was is necessary for you to take the luggage? (HAVE)
the luggage?
9. It’s a pity I can’t buy this car. (WISH)
I this car.
10. My advice to you is to talk to the manager of the shop. (WERE)
If to the manager of the shop.