Transformacje ze słowem kluczem (4)

Użyj słowa klucza podanego w nawiasie aby wyrazić to samo co w zdaniu głównym.

1. Mary said: “Let’s go to the cinema”. (GOING)
Mary the cinema .
2. Although I was tired I went to the party. (DESPITE)
to the party.
3. I will help you out if you don’t tell anyone. (UNLESS)
I will help you out .
4. When you came my sister was cooking. (WHILE)
cooking .
5. There are several balls in the basket. (A)
in the basket .
6. Someone stole my pencil. (WAS)
7. I advise you to study more. (WERE)
more .
8. This film is so interesting. (SUCH)
film .
9. Chris is lazy so he doesn’t earn any money. (IF)
some money.
10. Maybe you could invite Sarah to the cinema. (WHY)
to the cinema?