Uzupełnianie zdań (11)

Użyj słów w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. My dad (play / guitar) . Can you hear?
2. Maria (not / know / I) . We have never met.
3. Is this dictionary (good) than that one?
4. I (have to / do) my homework before I went out with my friends.
5. They (not / be) at home since Christmas last year.
6. (There / be) a lot of people at the party last night?
7. What (your parents / do) when they are at home in the afternoon?
8. Helen (not / talk) to her sister now.
9. My room (be / small) than ours, isn’t it?
10. We (not / study) Maths when the teacher walked into the classroom.