Uzupełnianie zdań (9)

Użyj słów w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. Yesterday I (want / buy) a book but I couldn’t find the bookshop.
2. How long (you / have) this car?
3. Unless you hurry up, (you / be) late for school.
4. What is the (beautiful) city you have ever visited?
5. While she was cleaning the kitchen I (mop / the floor) . It all took us 2 hours.
6. Your (hair / be) too long. You should cut it.
7. She (like / listen / music) in her free time.
8. They (should / study) harder if they want to pass.
9. My grandpa (not / mind / wash) the dishes.
10. Mike (not / afford / buy) such an expensive house.