Transformacje (6)

Przeczytaj poniższe zdania. Uzupełnij luki tak aby zachować znaczenie zdania wyjściowego.

1. How about going to the cinema?
Let’s the cinema.
2. My intention is to travel around the world.
I am around the world.
3. What time is it?
Could you tell me ?
4. I’m afraid we don’t have any petrol left.
I’m afraid we have run .
5. She came to school in the morning and she is still here.
She here since this morning.
6. They probably won’t pass the exam.
They aren’t the exam.
7. No one is better at drawing then her.
She at drawing.
8. Maybe she is at work, but I am not sure.
She at work.
9. Thank you for the invitation.
Thank you me.
10. Mary is more intelligent than me.
I as Mary.