Uzupełnianie zdań (7)

Użyj słów w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. Today the weather was (bad) than yesterday.
2. If I ask you, (you/help) me?
3. He (be/good/solve) problems in Maths.
4. This is my car and that one is (she) .
5. Yesterday at 8 p.m. I (watch/match) on TV.
6. What time (you/do/you/homework) every evening?
7. Emily (hate/get up) early in the morning.
8. My friend (wear) casual clothes during the meeting last Monday morning.
9. If (I/be/you) , I would never speak to him again.
10. I went to a cooking class and I won (20/knife) in a competition.