Uzupełnianie zdań (4)

Użyj słów w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. My mother (hate/sunbathe) She says it’s boring.
2. Michael and Zac (sit/home) at the moment.
3. Barbara’s brother (go/junior high school/ two/year) . He is still in the same school now.
4. The roof (house/be) old.
5. (Your cousin/be going to/visit/we) next February?
6. Yesterday I felt tired because I (work) in the garden for five hours!
7. These three books (be/write) by a famous film star.
8. Sammy (not be/interested) IN football. He’s different than all the other boys at his age.
9. Our new sofa (be/comfortable) than the old one.
10. My English teacher (bring/two/dictionary) to the classroom today. We used them during the lesson.