Uzupełnianie zdań (1)

Użyj słów w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. Yesterday I (watch/film) when my mum came into my room and told me to do my homework.
2. John loves his dog but he doesn’t allow (it/jump) onto his bed.
3. I (not go/ski) last winter because my leg was broken.
4. How many books (you/read) since we last met?
5. If I were you, I (talk/Sue) about it.
6. They (not/be) to a disco before.
7. I (shop/town) when I saw the demonstration.
8. Martin Luther King is (one/important/people) in American history.
9. My brother (enjoy/read) about people who have changed the world.
10. My sister would (love/be) a great politician in the future.