Transformacje (4)

Przeczytaj poniższe zdania. Uzupełnij luki tak aby zachować znaczenie zdania wyjściowego.

1. I went to London. I wanted to win the competition.
I went to London the competition.
2. There was heavy rain last night.
It rained last night.
3. I dress elegantly. Maria is better at that.
Maria dresses than me.
4. This is too sour.
This enough.
5. This bike belongs to them.
This bike is .
6. There are only a few oranges left.
There aren’t left.
7. We want to travel to Australia next summer. We’ve already arranged to trip.
We are next summer.
8. Smoking is forbidden inside this building.
You this building.
9. We arrived at the party. They went home before that time.
They we arrived at the party.
10. It’s not obligatory for you to climb this mountain.
You this mountain.