Future Perfect - zdania (3)

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą czasowników w nawiasach.

1. I hope it (stop) raining before the match starts.
2. By next week I (write) my third book.
3. By next Friday we (redecorate) the flat.
4. Next July they (be) married for ten years.
5. If nothing is done one million species that are alive today (become) extinct in twenty years.
6. By this time next week I (divorce).
7. I hope I (not / make) a lot of mistakes in this exam when I finish it.
8. By the end of this year my dad (drive) more than one hundred thousand kilometers with this car.
9. I (have) an operation when you visit me.
10. I hope she (not / forget) my name by tomorrow.