Pytania pośrednie (Past Continuous)

Uzupełnij pytania pośrednie.

1. What was she doing when you called her?
Do you know when you called her?
2. Were you even listening to me?
Can you tell me to me?
3. Why were they shouting at her?
Do you happen to know at her?
4. What was happening?
Do you know ?
5. Was she tidying up the whole morning?
Do you know the whole morning?
6. Who were you interviewing?
Can you tell me ?
7. How many languages was Chris studying?
Do you know ?
8. Where were you traveling?
Can you tell me ?
9. How long was your girlfriend waiting for you?
Do you know for you?
10. Were your parents doing shopping yesterday at 4 pm?
Do you know yesterday at 4 pm? © 2020 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone