Przysłówki - tłumaczenia (1)

Przysłówki. Przetłumacz fragment zdań na j. angielski.

1. They have to go now. It’s very (późno).
2. Can you run (szybko)?
3. He doesn’t speak (wolno) enough so I have problems understanding him.
4. Please, drive (ostrożnie), the roads are very slippery.
5. Do it (dobrze) or don’t do it at all.
6. He behaved (źle) and he didn’t even apologize.
7. When you’re in a library you should speak (cicho).
8. Chris hates getting up (wcześnie), that’s why he’s always late.
9. They are working (ciężko) on their new project, but I’m not sure if they’ll succeed.
10. He looked at her in a (przyjacielski) way, I don’t think he’s in love with her.