Stopniowanie przymiotników (2)

Uzupełnij zdania formą stopnia wyższego lub najwyższego przymiotników w nawiasie.

1. He was student in the whole school! But he also didn’t have any friends. He was pretty weird. (good)
2. This street is than the other one, it’s always been like that. (busy)
3. What is to you? Me or your stupid job? Huh? (important)
4. Are those shoes than the dress? (expensive)
5. holidays I have ever been on… let me think, there were quite many of them that were pretty bad. (bad)
6. Warsaw is from Poznań than Łódź. Is that right? (far)
7. This is place on Earth. How can people live here? (hot)
8. Are your neighbours than you? (rich)
9. He’s student in our class. He’s also the brightest. (young)
10. Nobody is than me! I’m the best! (intelligent)