Could, should, ought to, must (1)

Uzupełnij zdania używając: could, should, must, ought to (lub ich przeczeń).

1. Children be accompanied by adults in this area. That's the rule.
2. My best friend feels really lonely, what I do?
3. you tell me the way to the nearest pharmacy?
4. “You touch any of my things while I am away” - my brother told me when he was going on holidays.
5. Passengers check the timetable one day before departure. They don't have to but they are advised to do so.
6. She tell me the truth because she promised her friend not to tell anyone.
7. Hotel guests check out before 11 a.m.
8. Mary, I think you go to the doctor, you don't look well.
9. Students use crib notes while taking exams. It's strictly forbidden.
10. Driver be more careful when it is snowing.