Future Simple, Present Continuous for future, be going to - pytania (5)

Ułóż pytania do podanych zdań. Wyrazy pytające zostały już podane.

1. She is going to move to Florida next month.
Where ?
2. It will snow tomorrow.
When ?
3. My brother will fail an exam.
Who ?
4. I am going to read a magazine tonight.
What ?
5. They are meeting the headmaster at noon.
What time ?
6. They’re going to take the taxi because they want to get there faster.
Why ?
7. I will open the window because it’s too hot.
Why ?
8. They are going to play rugby twice a week.
How often ?
9. Students will be ready at a quarter to nine.
What time ?
10. Teachers are going to correct our tests for tomorrow.
Who ?