Future Simple, Present Continuous for future, be going to (3)

Użyj czasowników w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie. Nie używaj form skróconych.

1. I just realized I was rude to the teacher, I (apologize).
2. I hope you (have) some rest during the winter break, you've worked really hard.
3. I (save) some money until the end of this year and then buy a house.
4. Mary (have) an operation next Tuesday. I hope she recovers soon.
5. I (not go) to school on Monday because it's a bank holiday.
6. Look this woman fell down, I (pick) her up.
7. In 2016 I (give up) work and travel around the world. Do you want to join me?
8. (you / meet) Chris this afternoon? You've planned to see him, didn't you?
9. I think you (be) rich and famous in the future. I don't know why but I think so.
10. “ (you / marry) me?“ he asked her and she said yes.