Zaimki nieokreślone: someone, something, somewhere - popraw błędy

Popraw błędy w użyciu zaimków: something, everything, nothing, anything, someone, everyone, no one, anyone, somewhere, everywhere, nowhere, anywhere. Zapisz poprawny zaimek na końcu linijki.

1. My mum doesn’t want to do nothing. She wants to relax.
2. I would like to do anything funny.
3. She said anything, not even one word, and left.
4. There isn’t no one in my family who likes rap music.
5. Maria can’t find her cat nowhere.
6. No one in the classroom knew how to do this exercise. It was me.
7. I didn’t study for the exam so I knew anything on that subject.
8. We didn’t see Rebeca nowhere. She wasn’t there.
9. They invited anyone who they knew to the party. All their friends were invited.
10. I’d like to go anywhere to buy a dictionary. Where should I go?