Czasowniki frazowe z: in, on, out, up, down - ćwiczenie powtórzeniowe 2

Wybierz odpowiedni przyimek.

1. I’m positive about this, nothing is going to bring me .
2. You didn’t plug the radio, no wonder it’s not working.
3. It was very noise in the room but I just carried with the work.
4. I can't put with your bad behaviour any longer, you have to move out.
5. It's not so easy to figure what this game is all about but you'll manage.
6. The ice cream melted completely before she came back.
7. Do you want to chip for Martha’s birthday present?
8. I had to take responsibility for the project.
9. My mummy once told me that it was difficult to bring children. Well I think she is great at it.
10. I can't carry this experiment unless you help me. What do you say?