Zaimki względne: who, which, where, whose, whom (5)

Uzupełnij zdania/pytania odpowiednim zaimkiem względnym.

1. Michael, son goes to my daughter’s school, has just moved in next door.
2. Can you tell me about this blond girl goes to your class?
3. The village my father was born is not far from here.
4. The woman lives next door used to be my teacher.
5. The book you recommended was truly fantastic.
6. He only started writing the letter with: “To it may concern”, but he never finished it.
7. This is the man parents died in the car accident.
8. The shop I bought my wedding dress doesn't exist any longer.
9. I don’t know the name of the device the doctor used to examine me.
10. The footballer scored two goals was given a red card and had to leave the pitch.