Spójniki: so, and, but, because, although

Wybierz odpowiedni spójnik.

1. I was tired, I went to bed very late.
2. Policemen have to be very brave sometimes they have to deal with criminals.
3. Mia was starving she decided to order some food.
4. In the future I would like to visit Canada I love maple syrup.
5. My responsibilities include writing e-mails talking to clients.
6. My teacher gave me extra homework I was misbehaving during the whole class.
7. Farmers in this city don’t earn much money their products are really good quality. It’s not fair.
8. Ok, I’ll tell you what happened first you have to promise you won’t tell anyone else.
9. The bruise on his forehead was enormous he didn’t want to go out.
10. Tim is keen on photography he is really good at it.