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1. Welcome to my house, please and feel free to use anything you need.
2. I didn’t . I paid someone to do it, they chose the colour for the walls and moved the furniture.
3. “Yesterday my parents told me we’re moving to a bigger house. I was over the moon! Now I won’t have to my brother!”
4. When you commute to work, do you use or do you drive your own car? Which one is cheaper?
5. “Hi! We’re your new neighbours! We have just bought this house next to yours and we will next week.”
6. -Where would you prefer to live in the future: in the city centre or ? - I don’t know, both have their advantages and disadvantages.
7. – Mark, where did you go on holidays last year? – Oh, I went to the same place as the year before. My grandparents have a in Spain, so we have actually gone there every summer holidays since I was a child.
8. My older sister is starting university this fall. She will have to move out and in Chicago. She will have to pay money for that so she will probably have to find a job as well.
9. – I love my house. It is so , I have all the appliances and necessary equipment that one could dream of.
10. I hate going to my grandmother’s. Her house is so . Nothing in her house is modern!