Zaimki nieokreślone: someone, something, somewhere (1)

Uzupełnij zdania właściwym zaimkiem: something, everything, nothing, anything, someone, everyone, no one, anyone, somewhere, everywhere, nowhere, anywhere.

1. I’m tired, let’s go to sit and rest.
2. you said was true, you lied to me about !
3. wanted to tell me what happened although was there the whole time.
4. was screaming for help but we didn’t see around. I was really scared and so was else.
5. – Where have you been?! – , I was sitting right here for this whole time.
6. We started revising for the test as we had else to do.
7. I came to school early but was there. I couldn’t find teachers either. That’s when I knew was wrong.
8. My favourite song begins with: “ over the rainbow…” – do you know this song?
9. Not in Poland speaks fluent English but I think the majority of people can at least say a few words.
10. Can answer the phone, please because I am busy? © 2020 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone