Him czy his - czyli zaimki dzierżawcze lub osobowe w dopełnieniu (2)

Uzupełnij zdania właściwym zaimkiem.

1. The little girl is playing with (she) toys in (she) bedroom.
2. The dog was barking at (he) but he didn’t move.
3. Hey, I’m talking to (you), are you listening to (I)?
4. The newest iPhone belongs to (he), it’s (he).
5. What’s wrong with them? They haven’t said a word to (we) since we came to (they) birthday party. Are they mad at (we)?
6. He told (I) a secret, he must trust (I) very much.
7. Do you think (she) parents will let (we) go out with (she) tonight?
8. Can you call (we) as soon as you get there.
9. All the books in this room are (they). They must have spent a lot of money on (they).
10. Sheila can’t talk to (I) now because she’s busy talking to (she) mum at the moment. I don’t want to disturb (she).