Zaimki nieokreślone: something, anything, everything, nothing

Uzupełnij zdania używając: nothing, everything, something, anything.

1. I’m worried. They should be here already, must have happened.
2. Would you like to drink?
3. I love my new room, I love about it, I wouldn't change .
4. – What's wrong? –, why?
5. You don't have to say else, your sister has already told me about .
6. They didn't want to eat, they said they were not hungry.
7. is more important to me than friends and family.
8. you say can be used against you. You'd better be quiet now.
9. Is all right? You seem a little sad.
10. I'm telling you she's so in love with him. I think they will get married, it's serious this time! © 2020 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone