Czasowniki frazowe z TAKE i GET

Czasowniki frazowe z czasownikami: to take lub to get. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami.

1. I was planning to tidy my bedroom but I can't round to it.
2. What do you like more about flying – the off or the landing?
3. We used to on with my brother but now we aren't talking to each other.
4. Do you after your mum or your dad?
5. How did he manage to away with such a crime? I mean he wasn't punished at all, was he?!
6. I'd like to up yoga, will you join me?
7. off that thick sweater, it's so hot in here.
8. Do you earn enough money to by? I mean is it enough to buy food and everything you need for everyday life?
9. I am not an easy person to to straight away. People have to get to know me better before they actually like me.
10. My sister should stop fooling around and on with her work. If she doesn't she won't finish her project on time.