Idiomy 1-5 (ćwiczenie powtórzeniowe)

Uzupełnij zdania tak aby powstały idiomy.

1. Don't worry, I also failed the exam, we're in the same .
2. You can't choose your opponent, it's the luck of the .
3. I will never become friends with people who get on the high an judge others.
4. Being fluent in four languages turned out to be my trump .
5. Jane has a on Tom. She's so in love with him.
6. My life is a mess, it's time to turn over a new .
7. If you don't clean your room your mum will go .
8. You should stop messing around and talk .
9. Cheating on a test is like skating on thin .
10. We don't need to hurry, we have time on our .