Czasowniki frazowe z: in, on, out, up, with - ćwiczenie powtórzeniowe 4

Wybierz odpowiedni przyimek.

1. We can't let him get away it, he did it so he has to be punished.
2. When did the WWII break ? Was it in 1939?
3. She called last night to check how we were doing. She didn’t say that she would visit us.
4. – Do you think it’s a good restaurant? – Well, it depends what you like to eat.
5. They have to work a plan of how to cooperate in a group or otherwise they'll fail.
6. Do you know how to set a business?
7. My mum couldn't put up our behaviour any longer so she took our phones away as a punishment.
8. – Hello, is Sarah home? – hang , I’ll check.
9. Can you pick children from school.
10. Fill this form before you see your doctor. Don’t forget to sign it.