Transformacje (14)

Przeczytaj poniższe zdania. Uzupełnij luki tak aby zachować znaczenie zdania wyjściowego.

1. Hannah is a better cyclist than me.
I don't Hanna does.
2. They have discovered a crime.
A crime .
3. I'd prefer us to go out tonight.
I'd rather tonight.
4. The teacher didn't let Mike answer the question.
Mike the question.
5. Did you tidy your room? I can't remember.
I can't remember the room.
6. The meeting was so long that I fell asleep.
It was that I fell asleep.
7. Jake didn't ask Suzy out and now he regrets it.
Jake wishes out.
8. I can ride a bike and I can also drive a car.
Not only , I can also drive a car.
9. They are repairing my car right now.
I right now.
10. I didn't go to London so I didn't see the Queen.
If I the Queen.