Rzeczowniki od czasowników (2)

Uzupełnij zdania rzeczownikami utworzonymi od podanych w nawiasach czasowników.

1. I have no (intend) of leaving.
2. My children need a lot of (encourage) to do anything.
3. I have to check the time of the train’s (depart).
4. In (conclude), I would like to thank everyone for the support.
5. Do you have the (able) to adapt to new situations?
6. Has Maria filled in the job (apply) yet?
7. There is a rather wide (choose) of products in this shop.
8. I felt such (disappoint) when she left me without saying goodbye.
9. As they say: “ (curious) is the lust of the mind”.
10. (spontaneous) is more rewarding than any plan.