Pary zdań (9)

Uzupełnij pary zdań tym samym wyrazem, tak aby zdania były logiczne i językowo poprawne.

1. Did you a table in a restaurant?
What are you reading at the moment?
2. Do you think we can out the solution to this?
The TV doesn’t , do you know why?
3. Be careful not to the glass.
There is only a of water on the floor.
4. I can’t see the of the needle, I need my glasses.
Your left is a little red, are you ok?
5. What a girl, she’s so selfish!
What does this word ?
6. I didn’t the bus so I had to wait for the next one.
I was ill for three weeks and now I need to up with work.
7. Where’s my ? It’s not on my wrist!
How often do you TV?
8. I’m going to see a at the theatre tonight.
Do you want to golf with me?
9. Is there any milk in the fridge?
Turn at the crossroad.
10. Are those wedding ?
The phone every five minutes.